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Who We Are

Encompass Health Services is a mobile and local group of dedicated, caring and experienced health professionals, passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of our clients.

We provide best-practice, holistic services through a comprehensive, team approach for residents of the Sunshine Coast.

We love working closely with our referrers, communicating care plans and working together on desired health goals.

Do you need a PRE NDIS Comprehensive Functional Assessment for your NDIS application?  We offer this as a speciality item.

Our Services

Occupational Therapy

Whether it’s managing your pain, getting on and off your toilet, getting out to do your shopping, or even just remembering your appointments, we specialise in helping you to manage the daily tasks that are important to you.

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Physiotherapists provide treatment for people who are suffering from physical problems resulting from illness, injury or older age. We provide education, hands on therapy and exercises to improve pain, enhance movement, and to help your body function better.

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Nutrition & Dietetics

Nutritionists and dietitians provide dietary advice, education and support. Many medical conditions, including diabetes, osteoporosis and chronic or poorly healing wounds, can benefit from changes to diet.

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Speech Pathology

Speech pathologists manage problems related to speech, comprehension and swallowing. We advise on exercises, assistive aids and technology to improve your ability to communicate with others.

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Mobile Nursing

Caring is the essence of nursing and we dispense comfort, compassion and caring without even a prescription. We can reduce your fear, uncertainty and keep you as safe as possible.

Social Work

Social workers help a wide range of people who are dealing with difficult situations in their lives. We help people to adjust to and cope with their medical conditions and associated lifestyle changes.

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